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Fun with YouTube Recommendations: March 19, 2011

Well, I haven't done this in a while, and since I have to go to bed soon and have nothing else to write about, let's watch some random videos on YouTube and see what happens, shall we?

Video 1: Giant Gonzalez (1993)

Here's a quick video of a match between Giant Gonzalez and Jim Powers that was shown on the March 14, 1993 edition of All American Wrestling. Gonzalez comes out with his manager, Harvey Wippleman, and is a legit seven feet, seven inches tall. However, he looks kind of goofy wearing a full body muscle suit sporadically covered with fur. The match starts and Powers throws some terrible punches to Gonzalez's gut to no reaction. A throat lift and a slam follows by Gonzalez, who ambles around the ring some before whipping Powers to the ropes and nearly taking his head off with a big boot. Gonzalez walks around for a while with his arms outstretched, looking like the world's tallest neanderthal, before putting Powers away with a chokeslam for the three count.  Well, they weren't lying about the giant part, as Gonzalez looked about two feet taller than the 6'1" Powers. Of course, Gonzalez was so tall that he was athletic and never became even a decent wrestler, but I can see why WCW and the WWF tried to make something out of him. Sadly, Gonzalez passed away last year at the age of 44.

Video 2: Sports Illustrated Sneaker Phone Commercial

Back in the early 1990s, there were no iPhones or anything like that, oh no. Instead we would talk on phones shaped liked footwear. Well, most people wouldn't, but bear with me. After the runaway success of the Sports Illustrated football phone, SI decided to push the creative envelope even further and allow consumer to live out their lifelong dream of using their shoe to call somebody. Enter the sneaker phone. The commercial is set at a shoe store with consumers reacting to a ringing shoe. When they find out it's a sneaker phone, they react as if $100 bills were falling from the sky. One guy calls his wife to tell her about the wonders of a sneaker phone. The best part is, the sneaker phone is free, yes free, as long as you spend some 50 dollars on a subscription to Sports Illustrated. Of course, the guy in the store neglects to mention that part, as he just repeats that the phone is free even after being asked some 15 times by the same person. Personally, I'd rather have one of those cell phones the size of a brick than this phone, as I've never had any personal desire to talk to people through a flippin' shoe. But the way these people reacted, you would think that they just won the lottery. To each their own, I suppose.

Video 3: Redskins Fun Bunch in Dallas

This is a clip from a 1983 game between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. In this clip, Redskins WR Art Monk does a great double-move on Dallas CB Ron Fellows and catches a Joe Theismann pass for a 43 yard touchdown. But then there are some fireworks after the touchdown, as the Redskins' skill players, known as the Fun Bunch gather in the back of the end zone to do their celebratory leap and high five maneuver. However, Cowboys DBs Michael Downs and Dennis Thurman want none of this, so they step in the middle of the circle to mess up the jump, Downs and Redskins WR Charlie Brown get in a shoving match before walking off the field, and a fight nearly breaks out after the extra point attempt. In today's NFL, premeditated group celebrations (and apparently, collective bargaining negotiations) are banned, so we won't be seeing that when the NFL comes back in 2012. The Cowboys are actually the ones that look ridiculous here, instead of just letting the Redskins do their thing in moving on, they have to start something instead. Hey, if you don't want them to celebrate, don't allow them to score, Cowboys of 28 years ago.

Video 4: Go Green Ranger Go

Simply put, this is a three minute tribute to the greatest of all the Power Rangers, the Green Ranger. While all the other Power Rangers didn't particularly stand out, the Green Ranger was the major domo of the group, conquering all his foes with top-notch martial arts skills with the assistance of some sort of giant mechanical dinobot. I don't know, it's been a long time since I've seen the show. Anyway, the video is set to a cheesy metal song titled, Go Green Ranger Go, and go he does as he lays the smackdown on everybody in this video and looks cool doing it. Wasn't the Green Ranger evil at one point, or is my memory playing tricks on me? I guess I could go back and watch some Power Ranger episodes, but that sounds like an idea for another post. Anyway, here's to you, Green Ranger.

Well, I think that's enough for now. Tomorrow I'll try to have another review up, although I have no idea about what. As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any comments on this review, or ideas for a future review, then share those either by leaving a comment or by sending me an e-mail at

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