Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brett Favre is BACK! I think, and more fun with YouTube reccomendations

Well boys and girls, it seems as if our national crisis is over. Brett Favre is in Minnesota right now and all sings are pointing to Favre coming back for a 93rd season in the NFL. Personally I'm disappointed, as I thought Favre would drag the suspense out one more week before coming back. But Favre's back and his return can only mean one thing, that football season has officially begun. I'm so excited that I can't think straight, so I'm going to watch a few videos that YouTube tells me to watch and share my thoughts about them.

Video 1: Brett Favre's First Completion

Actually, this wasn't a recommendation, I just wanted to see a Brett Favre video. This video is of a young Brett Favre in 1992 playing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who at this time were still wearing their hideous orange and white uniforms. In this clip, Favre rolls out to the right and throws, but his pass is tipped by defensive end Ray Seals. Favre, ever the competitor, is undaunted by this turn of events, and proceeds to catch the live ball himself. This doesn't go well for Mr. Favre, as he is quickly tackled for a loss. So, yes, Brett Favre's first completed pass was to himself. Also, even as a youngster, the announcers are quick to point out the competivness of Brett Favre. If he pulled this same play this year, I'm sure whoever is announcing will have an on-air orgasm explaining how Brett Favre 'just likes to have fun out there' Especially if those idiots on the ESPN Monday Night Football crew call the game. I don't think there's a football player those guys don't love, especially Jon Gruden, who gushes over quarterbacks ad nauseum. But I digress.

Video 2: Bobby Heenan unveils Narcissist Lex Luger

Well, this was rather interesting. I believe after watching this video that not only is the Narcissist in love with himself, but Bobby Heenan is in love with the Narciassist. The whole video is five minutes of Luger posing in front of a mirror while Heenan prods him on by saying things such as 'Don't tease us Lex, show us', and "oh, are you ever put together". Finally, Luger stops posing to drop some knowledge on us, telling us that all the other wrestlers will bow down on their knees before him, and that he is the "most mesamorphically, magnificent physical specimen"  Luger threatens Heenan's former charge Mr. Perfect some and that's all there is to it. After the interview, Heenan says that this is the "highlight of my career". I'm 99.9% sure that Heenan would not say the same about this moment today. Anyway, the Narcissist made such an impact that he was repacked a mere six months later as Lex Luger, the All-American.

Video 3: ESPN MLB Commercial

I believe that this commercial is from 2007, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, it's just a basic commercial which describes how much you love baseball or something like that. I wouldn't think that I needed to be told how and why I came to love baseball, but by golly ESPN does that for me anyway. Maybe I'm just tired, but I did not care much for this commercial. Perhaps you will like it more.

Video 4: The Price is Right: Temptation Goof from 1983:

In this clip of a Price is Right episode from back in the day, a woman is playing a game called Temptation, where she must select a number from the prices of four items to guess the correct price of a new car. It's hard to believe that the price of a new car could be less than 10,000 dollars, but here we are. The person can either take the four prizes and walk away, or try to play for the car. If they win the car, they also get the other prizes, if not they win nothing. Usually they play for the car. The prizes are a $350 dollar space heater, some luggage, an electronic blood pressure reader, and a touchtone telephone which must have been a big deal at this time, because it was valued at $550 dollars. I wouldn't pay more than five dollars for that phone today. Anyway, the lady chooses her numbers, and gets the first three right without a problem. But as Bob Barker pushes the button to reveal the fourth number, the door won't drop. Bob tries and tries, but the blasted thing won't work. Bob explains to the lady that she will have to wait until the next day. The lady then tries to push the button and what do you know? It works and she won the car. To be honest, I think they made up a malfunction just to build up suspense, but hey, that's showbuisness for you. I wonder what happened to all of those prizes?

Well, I think I'll stop for now. Tommorrow I will try to have two posts on the Canon Review, but I'm not promising anything. I will promise that soon justice is coming to The Canon Review, and by justice I mean TNA's Hardcore Justice 2010. I can feel your excitement coming from your various internet connections. Remember, if you have any ideas for future reviews, or comments on this post, then send them to me either by e-mail at or by leaving a comment on the blog.

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