Monday, August 30, 2010

Canon Restaurant Review: Sonny's BBQ, Commerce, GA

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to dine at Sonny's BBQ in Commerce, GA with my family. This was not my first time dining at this restaurant, and usually have enjoyed the food, although it had been some 18 months since I had last ate there. So I had hoped that this dining experience would also be a delightful one.

We got to the restaurant at around 7:30 or so and were able to be seated as soon as we walked into the door. The restaurant had a healthy crowd in the place, but by no means was it packed. Then again, it was a little late in the day, and I'm pretty sure that they were more crowded an hour before. Anyway, the interior of the restaurant was rather well-lit, and the walls were covered with various nic-nacs like signs and license plates and other similar items. The tables and the chairs were colored lightly brown, and the overall setting of Sonny's is rather casual, but not too causal. So basically, you won't look too out of place whether you're wearing a nice shirt and pants or just a plain t-shirt and jeans. There are four different televisions, one in each corner of the dining area. They weren't big-screen television sets or anything, but they are big enough that you can at least tell what's going on on the screen, especially if you are close to one of the corners.

Once we were seated, we order our drinks right off. My dad and I both ordered cokes, while my mother ordered an iced tea. When we got our drinks, our waitress, a woman named Dixie, had accidentally given us two iced teas, but realized the mistake before I had actually even noticed. Other than that, she was quite an exceptional and friendly server who constantly made sure that we had everything that we needed. We ordered our food next, and I went with the Dry Rub Ribs plate, which also came with two sides and two slices of garlic bread. For my sides, I went with a bowl of Sonny's original recipe BBQ beans and an order of fries. Meanwhile, my parents both ordered the Big Deal sandwich combos, which is a big barbeque sandwich with your meat of choice between two slices of garlic bread. They both chose the pulled pork sandwich, and both ordered fries, although for their second side they had different choices (mom ordered coleslaw, dad ordered a bowl of beans).

Our food came in what I felt was an appropriate amount of time. One thing I noticed right away was that there were a lot of ribs and french fries on my plate. There was a lot of meat on those ribs, and they were barbecued to near perfection, although I had a little trouble getting the meat off of one of the ribs. The beans were some of the best beans that I have ever had. Even though I ended up taking some of my food home, the beans were so good that I made sure to finish them while still at the restaurant. The garlic bread was freshly cooked and rather tasty, while the fries were pretty good, but I have had better before from this location. My parents both were rather pleased with their food, and they noted that while it was filling, the food still did not leave you feeling stuffed.

Overall, I rather enjoyed my dining experience at Sonny's BBQ of Commerce, GA. The service was excellent, the food was rather good, and the place was quite clean as well. Out of 10, I'd give Sonny's BBQ of Commerce, GA a 7.89 out of 10. Well, thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts or issues with this or other posts, or future ideas for reviews, than feel free to share them by leaving a comment, or by sending me an e-mail at

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  1. Yes he did. He had the smoked turkey, which I almost got, but instead I went with the ribs instead.

    I must say that I ate there one day the same day that John Madden did. How do I know that? Well, because the managers at the time put up the words "John Madden ate here" on their sign outside.