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Canon Wrestling Review: Random Ric Flair videos

Is Ric Flair the best wrestler that ever lived? Perhaps, but there's no doubt that he's among the most entertaining wrestlers that ever lived. So because of that, here are a few videos featuring 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair.

Video 1: Just Like That - This video is composed entirely of old-school Ric Flair promos and made into a song. I must say, it's actually very well done and quite a catchy tune. The video also really captures just how cool Ric Flair was back in the day, and also prominently features Tony Schiavone's old mustache. As the kids say today, this video is full of win, so check it out below:

Video 2: Ric Flair and Batista vs. The Dudley Boys, WWE RAW, January 5, 2004 - This is for Flair and Batista's WWE Tag Team Titles. D-Von Dudley starts off with his former deacon, and peppers Batista with lefts and rights. After Flair distracts D-Von, Batista gets the advantage and gets a two count after a big back elbow. D-Von regains control and tags out to Bubba Ray. After some brawling, Bubba goes to the top and hits a big cross body block on Batista that gets a two count. Tag in to Flair, but that doesn't go too well as Bubba knocks him down with a clothesline. Bubba then mocks Ric Flair, which upsets the Nature Boy as he fires away with knife edge chops in the corner. But Bubba turns Flair around and gives a few chops of his own, which actually causes Flair's chest to bleed a little. All four men enter, and eventually Flair fells Bubba Ray with a chop block to the knee. After Batista and D-Von leave, Flair tries for a figure-four, but Bubba small packages him for a two count. Undaunted, Flair continues to work away at the knee, and goes for a second figure-four, and this time he gets the hold on. Bubba turns it, but sadly for him, Flair is close enough to tag Batista, and the champs continue to work on Bubba's injured knee.Before I go on, I must mention that the commentary for this match is just awful, as most of it is Jonathan Coachman yelling at his two partners and calling Jim Ross a racist. Why they hired that guy is a mystery.

After continuing the beatdown on Bubba, Flair starts to get froggy and climbs the top rope, but Bubba is able to get up in time and toss Flair off. Hot tag to D-Von, and he hits a powerslam on Flair, but Batista comes in to break the pinfall. D-Von goes to the second rope and drops an elbow, but Flair is able to get out of the way in time. Everybody gets in there, and the challengers take the advantage after Bubba's series of punches decks Flair and using their reverse 3-D on Batista. Flair takes the two big moves in the Dudleys' arsenal, the Wassup! headbutt and the 3D, but before they can cover Flair, Triple H comes out to distract the ref. That allows Batista to sneak in and give D-Von a Batista bomb, and Flair turns over to cover D-Von and get the win. After the match, Triple H tries to help Flair up, but Shawn Michaels comes in and superkicks Mr. H. Not the finest match for any of these men, and the commentary did nobody any favors. I'll give it a 1.6565 out of 5.

Dudley Boys vs. Ric Flair/Batista-WWE Tag titles
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Video 3: Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect on the Funeral Parlor - Paul Bearer is hosting his talk show segment, the Funeral Parlor, and welcomes Ric Flair and his executive consultant, Mr. Perfect. The two are here to talk about that night's later tag match between Flair and the Undertaker against the team of Hulk Hogan and Sid Vicious. Perfect states that he does not care if Hogan and Justice are on the same page because they don't stand a chance against Flair and Taker. Flair gets on the mic and basically repeats Perfect's sentiments, although he does so in a much more dynamic manner. Flair states that we will see if Hogan and Sid can walk that aisle. Well, if they can't, they're going to be in a lot of trouble because if Hogan and Sid aren't coordinated enough to walk down the aisle then how do they expect to physically compete with Flair and Undertaker? Or maybe I'm just being too literal again.

Video 4: Ric Flair vs. Brad Armstrong, WCW Monday Nitro, February 23, 1998 - The Dirtiest Player in the Game takes on second generation star Brad Armstrong in a rare Nitro appearence for Armstrong. Armstrong takes down Flair with a headlock takedown, but Flair gets up and regains the advantage with a questionable kick to the midsection. Flair bounces off the ropes and delivers a shoulderblock, but Armstrong goes down and drop toe holds Flair on his second try. Armstrong with a two count after a headlock takeover, Flair gets back up and eye gouges Armstrong in the corner. Flair with a series of knife edge chops, but that just enrages Armstrong, as he fires back with a few chops of his own, whips Flair into the corner, and backdrops him on the rebound. Armstrong tries a monkey flip, but instead takes an atomic drop for his efforts. Tony Schiavone mentions Flair's numerous title runs and wonders whether his mark will ever be broken. Well, with the World Titles trading hands every other day now, I'm 99% sure that somebody will have more than 16 title runs, probably John Cena. But I digress. The two men exchange holds until Armstrong flattens Flair with a clothesline, and nearly gets a three count after a Russian Leg Sweep. Armstrong to the top, and comes off with a missile dropkick. Armstrong once again goes to top, but this time Flair dodges a cross body attempt. Flair directs the ref's attention away from the match long enough to kick Armstrong in the jewels, and then locks the figure four on to get the submission victory. Short, but not a bad match, and I'm curious to see what would happen if these two were given 15 or 20 minutes. I'd give it a 2 out of 5.

Video 5: Ric Flair and Rip Hawk promo - This video is from way back when, 1974 to be exact. Flair and Hawk are promoting their upcoming matches against the team of Swede Hanson and Tiger Conway. Flair has on some ridiculous sunglasses and long sideburns, and to say he's a little green in this video is an understatement. He's talking about 100 miles a minute here, and it's really a lot different than what most wrestling fans are used to with Flair, although he does finish his interview with a Woooo! Quite an interesting video here.

Well, I think that's enough for right now. Hopefully I'll have something else on tap for tomorrow, although I'm not quite sure what that is yet. Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts about Ric Flair or any of the videos featured here today, then feel free to leave a comment. Also, if you have an idea for a future review, then send it over to me either by leaving a comment or by e-mail at

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