Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unhealthy Burger Review: Wendy's Triple Baconator

A few days ago, Men's Health released their list of the seven worst burgers for you in America for 2010. While most people would look at a list like this and rightfully steer clear of any of these burgers, I take it as a challenge, a quest if you will, to survive and thrive after eating all seven of these burgers, because by golly, I do love me some hamburgers. Will I do it? probably not, because a couple of those burgers are served in places that aren't very close to where I live. But by golly, I will try to conquer each and every one of the Worst Burgers in America. Up first is the Wendy's Triple Baconator, which ranked number 7 on the list and was named the "Worst fast food burger". Since I happened to be in the happening town of Royston, GA tonight, My sister Maggie and I decided to go to the Wendy's drive-thru and I prepared to conquer the Triple Baconator.

The Baconator is a burger designed for those that want a lot of bacon on their burgers. A regular Baconator is made out a quarter bound of beef, three strips of bacon, a slice of cheese with ketchup and mayonnaise topping the whole thing off. That's enough for one man in of itself, but the Triple Baconator is that multiplied by three. So that's 3/4ths a pound of beef, three slices of cheese, nine slices of bacon all in one burger. The burger in of itself contains a mere 1,350 calories, 90 grams of fat and over 100% of the daily recommended intake of sodium, cholesterol, and protein. Wow, I'm just glad I exercised before eating this burger, so at least that should counteract the effects somewhat.

Well, as bad as it may be, a quest is a quest, so I ordered the behemoth, along with a small order of fries and a Coca-Cola. The whole meal cost me about nine dollars, so I wouldn't exactly call it a bargain. We went to the drive-thru, Maggie dropped a quarter on the ground and had to open the car door to pick it up, but otherwise we had no issues and we drove our food back to Canon Review reader Dickson's house. The first impression I got from opening up the wrapper, and this probably doesn't speak well of my dieting habits, was that I expected it to be bigger. But once I started eating it, I quickly realized that it was more than big enough.

Before I get deeper into the burger, I must say something about the drink and fries first. The coke was not very good at all. Fast-food sodas are always a little hit or miss, and this coke would qualify as a miss. It was flat and had a weird taste to it as well. The fries were at least hot, but these fries had probably been under the heat lamp a little too long, so they weren't quite what I would call fresh, but at least they were better than the drink. Now onto the burger. The bacon was cooked at a proper level, not too cripsy but not all rubbery either, so that was nice, since I really never know about the quality I get from Wendy's (it seems like every other time I go there, something just doesn't taste right, and I guess tonight was no different). The beef was cooked quite well I must say, and all the cheese added a lot to the burger. As far as taste goes, it was actually very good.

After I finished eating the burger, I really didn't feel any different that usual, except for the fact that I had developed a headache somehow. But I guess I was blessed with a strong stomach or something, because other than that headache which has gone away, I haven't felt bad at all, no upset stomach or heartburn or anything like that. I'm not going to eat it again any time soon to see if that was a fluke or not, though. Overall, if you want nine pieces of bacon and half of a cow, than by golly the Triple Baconator is for you. I can't really reccomend the burger, however, unless it was going to be like your only meal of the day or something, and for seven dollars (the cost of the burger alone), you could probably get something better. But as far as taste and flavor go, I'll give the burger a 7 out of 10, and the other parts of my meal a 2.5 out of 10. One thing's for sure, if I'm going to continue with this list, I probably should exercise a lot. Just a thought.

Well, thanks for reading my tale of gluttony. Remember, if you have any ideas for future reviews, than send them to me either by e-mail at or by leaving a comment on the blog.

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  1. according to the burger alone contains 1330 calories and 41 grams of fat. good piece though.