Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fun with YouTube Recommendations: November 17, 2010

As you may know, I suck at intros, so today I'm not even going to bother with one and jump into the post. Now let's see what YouTube tells me to watch, shall we?

Video 1: David Hasselhoff at Berlin Wall, 1989

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that Germans love David Hasselhoff. Here, Hasselhoff is live in concert, performing the song "Looking for Freedom" at the site of the Berlin Wall, which had been broken through just a few weeks before. In this video, Hasselhoff is wearing a leather jacket covered with flashing lights along with a piano-key styled scarf. The audio in this video isn't very clear, but the song is rather catchy, as most of it is just Hasselhoff singing "I've been looking for freedom". It's kind of hard to believe that the 'Hoff' was such a big deal that he sang in front of hundreds and thousands of people at the Berlin Wall on New Year's Eve 1989, but here he is, and supposedly the song 'Looking for Freedom' was an unofficial anthem behind the destruction of the Berlin Wall. An odd part of this video is that about 3 and a half minutes in, a firecracker comes flying at the stage, and if Hasselhoff wasn't ducking at the time, the firecracker would have hit square in the face. Instead, it went just over Hasselhoff and hopefully didn't do any damage.

Video 2: ABC "You'll Love It" 1985 Show Promos (3), 1985

This video is three separate promos for action shows on ABC, "The Insiders", "Spencer for Hire", and my favorite, "MacGyver". That in itself wouldn't be too bad, but ABC made the puzzling decision to write up a promo in the style of Randy Newman's song "I Love L.A." and hire the world's worst Randy Newman impersonator to sing the songs. The lyrics are unintelligent, the singing is pretty bad, and the "Spencer for Hire" promo is kind of creepy, as half of it just shows Spencer with his hands rubbing women's faces. Each promo ends with the chorus "On ABC, you'll love it, just you and me, you'll love it, on ABC". Which raises the question, who or what is the me in 'just you and me'. Is it ABC? Is it MacGyver? and why is it just you and me? Could I watch the shows with my wife or father or whoever, or does the presence of anyone else in the room causes one not to love ABC? I think I've over thought this silly little lyric, but still.

Video 3: Colts at Bills 97' Prime-Time

This video is highlights from a 1997 game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills from the old ESPN show NFL Primetime, hosted by Chris Berman. The '97 version of Berman wasn't as annoying as today's version, who seems to shout every other word and is now 100 percent reliant on shtick when he does highlights now. Anyway, the Colts came into this game without an offensive touchdown scored during the season. Considering this was week 4, that is a bit of a problem. But never fear, the Colts score early and often here, building up a 26-0 nothing lead against the Todd Collins-led Bills. However, the young Collins, with some help from RB Antoawn Smith, leads the Bills all the way back, and with less than two minutes, the Bills have a 37-29 win. After a late hit sidelines QB Jim Harbaugh, the Colts backup, Paul Justin comes in and leads the Colts downfield, eventually throwing a touchdown to Marvin Harrison with nine seconds left to cut the lead to 2. On a two-point conversion, Bills S Kurt Schultz just bearhugs Harrison before the pass is thrown, but remarkably the ref doesn't call pass interference, and the conversion is no good. Despite recovering an onside kick, the Colts can not score and the Bills steal a victory. Good stuff, but that is one of the most blatant no-calls of pass interference I have ever seen, and I've watched a lot of football.

Video 4: Tommy Dreamer call out The Dudley Boyz

This video is from an ECW show in 1998. Tommy Dreamer enters the ring wearing a Nirvana shirt. Apparently, he is not happy that the Dudley Boyz have recently injured his girlfriend, Beulah McGillicutty, with their 3-D finisher, so he calls out any of Dudleys. Like any good ECW wrestler, he curses a lot while calling out the Dudleys. D-Von comes out wearing a pink tanktop and answers the call. Tommy has the advantage and starts firing away at D-Von, but if you attack one Dudley, you attack them all, as the rest of the Dudley crew comes out. They beat on Tommy some and Tommy takes a 3-D himself. While the Dudleys stomp away, New Jack, Spike Dudley, Axl Rotten, and Balls Mahoney come out, and they chase the Dudleys out of the ring. Afterwards, a message proclaims that ECW has no cross-dressing basketball players and no Hulk Hogan. Well, good for them.

Well, I'm getting tired so I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow, I'll have an all new Canon Review for you to feast your eyes on. Thanks for reading, and remember, if you have any ideas for future reviews, or comments about this or previous reviews, then send them to me either by e-mail at or by leaving a comment on the blog.

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