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Canon Video Challenge: Wrestlers and their Names, Vol. 2

The premise for this post is simple. I type in the name of wrestler on a video search engine (in this case, Bing), take the number of characters of the wrestler's name, and watch the corresponding video. For example, if I were to type in John Cena, I would watch the eighth video because the name John Cena has eight letters in it. Got it? Good. Let's move on then.

1. Kevin Steen - PCO vs. Kevin Steen vs. El Generico in a IWS 3-Way Match

The master of the Package Piledriver, Kevin Steen, is featured in a three way match against his frequent partner El Generico and former WWF Tag Team Champion Pierre Carl Oulette. The video is basically a highlight reel of the high points of the match, and it seems as if most of the match has Steen and Generico constantly bumping like pinballs for the much bigger Oulette. Oulette throws his opponents around with ease, especially poor Generico, as he landed head first at an exploder suplex from Oulette into the corner. The three men also do a lot of high flying moves, including a somersault plancha from Oulette and 450 splashes from both Steen and Generico onto each other. The finish came after Oulette hit his finisher, the Cannonball (a somersault senton from the top rope) on Steen after Generico hit his 450, but was pulled out by Oulette. From what I could tell, this was probably a decent match, so I'll give the video a 2.5 out of 5.

2. Dick Togo - TAKA Michinoku vs DICK Togo on Raw

The video starts with a D-X skit at an airport where Triple-H ends up flying a plane somewhere, much to the dismay of Road Dogg and his high priced airplane goggles. The video then cuts to the announcers talking about Vince McMahon's actions earlier tonight, and Al Snow comes out from the crowd with a cowboy hat on. He goes over to Jerry Lawler and screams in his face about something before security escorts Al to the back. Finally, we get to the match. Togo jumps TAKA at the beginning of the match with some stomps, and then throws TAKA with a belly-to-belly suplex. TAKA counters an irish whip with a spinning heel kick, sending Togo to the outside, which gives TAKA a chance to deliver a springboard plancha from the top turnbuckle to the outside. Back in, TAKA retains control with a series of kicks, including a missile dropkick from the top rope. TAKA calls for the Michinoku Driver, but instead he tries another top rope move, only to take a dropkick to the gut from Togo. TAKA rolls to the outside, and Togo delivers a somersault off the apron into TAKA. Back in, TAKA counters a German Suplex with a flip, and grabs Togo from behind. However, Yamaguchi-San distracts the referee, allowing Togo to mule kick TAKA and follow that up with a Pele kick. That gets 2. Togo whips TAKA off the rope and catches him with a quick power slam, which also gets two. Togo gets another 2 count with a body slam and a second rope moonsault. Togo whips TAKA into the corner, but misses a splash. TAKA tries for a Tornado DDT, but Togo throws him off. TAKA reverses an irish whip and then huracanranas Togo down and holds on, getting the three count. After the match, Togo's Kaientei mates Funaki and Men's Teioh come out, and the three beat down on TAKA. Togo finishes the beatdown with his trademark senton. Quick match, but very well done and entertaining. I'll give it a 3.3 out of 5.


3. Hugh Morrus - Konan and Hugh Morrus vs. Ice Train and Alex Wright

This match is from the May 12, 1997 episode of Monday Nitro. Konan and Hugh Morrus are accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Hart. Some of the Baltimore Ravens, including a young Ray Lewis, are in the crowd watching this show. Teddy Long accompanies the other team to the ring. Wright's a little late getting to the ring, but that's all right, because Ice Train counters a double team with a shoulder block on Konnan and a Power Slam on Hugh Morrus. Wright wants the tag, and he gets it. Wright then goes to work on Morrus with kicks and punches, but seems to anger Morrus with a slap. Wright sees the anger in Morrus's eyes, and quickly tags out to Ice Train. Morrus struggles to pull the big Ice Train into the ring, finally getting him in on the fourth attempt. Morrus and Train brawl some while Wright dances on the outside. Train gets the advantage with an avalanche in the corner and goes to tag Wright, but Alex's trick knee suddenly gives out, so he must get off the apron. This angers Teddy Long, so Wright shoves him and leaves the ring, walking without a limp. Hey, wait a minute, Wright was faking! The scoundrel! Morrus tries to position Ice Train for his No Laughing Matter moonsault, but fails, so eventually he just climbs off the top rope and elbow drops Ice Train. Konnan puts Train in the Tequilla Sunrise submission hold to end the match. Wright then talks to the camera about how good he is and dances some more. What a mess. I'll give it a 0.6 out of 5.

Konan & Hugh Morrus vs Ice Train & Alex Wright
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4. Adrian Adonis- Adrian Adonis in Piper's Pit

This segment took place in 1985, just before the WWF's Wrestling Challenge PPV event. Piper explains his disbelief that the WWF has decided to give a wrestling fan a Rolls-Royce during the event. Piper then runs down all of the participants of the Wrestling Challenge, voicing displeasure at Cpl. Kirschner's being in the tournament. Adonis also says that it's a disgrace that the WWF will give a fan a Rolls-Royce when they can't drive "and don't have the scratch to fill the gas tank". Adonis then talks a lot before concluding that he will do his talking in the ring and telling the fans to drive safe and 'may the Lord be your companion." Well, that was nice. Piper wraps up the segment with a joke, and that's all.

I'm getting kind of tired, so I think I'll wrap things up here. Well, thanks for reading. Remember, if you have any ideas for future reviews, or comments about this or previous reviews, then send them to me either by e-mail at KtheC2001@gmail.com or by leaving a comment on the blog.

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