Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun with YouTube Recommendations: Sept. 30, 2010

Well, I had a couple of ideas about reviews for The Canon Review, but they'll probably take a while to do, and I want to go to bed soon, so I've decided to do a quick little post dedicated to videos that a web site tells me to watch based on other videos I've watched on the same site. So, let's get started, shall we.

Video 1: 80s Christopher Cross Ride Like the Wind - This is by far my favorite Christopher Cross song, although that's not saying a lot since I know about three Christopher Cross songs. This is a live performance from 1979. Two things about this video, one, check out the guitarist doing backup vocals at about 1:45. It looks as if he's a fish chomping down on a hook. Two, I don't want to judge a book by its cover, but I have a hard time believing a guy like Christopher Cross is the type of guy that's 'lived nine lives, gunned down ten' as the lyrics suggest. Despite that, it's still quite a catchy song.

Video 2: Super Bowl XX: Bears vs. Patriots - Last 2:00 - Like the title says, this is the last two minutes of Super Bowl XX between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. It's not very exciting, since the Bears were up 46-10 at the time. All the Bears do is run out the clock with Thomas Sanders three times before ending the game. But at least Sanders had a couple of good runs. The announcers (Dick Enberg, Bob Griese, and Merlin Olsen of Mitchell fame) speculate about whether or not the Bears' success will last for a few years. Well, it did and it didn't, as the Bears won a lot of games the next three years, but only won one playoff game during that time before collapsing to a 6-10 mark in 1989. After the game, both coach Mike Ditka and defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan are carried on their' players shoulders in celebration, which is kind of symbolic in that both men had a power struggle for years before Ryan left to coach the Philadelphia Eagles. It's not the most action packed video ever, but it is a nice piece of football history as the Bears celebrate their only Super Bowl win thus far.

Video 3: Deion Sanders - Must be the Money - Prime Time may be one of the most exciting players to play football, but as a rapper, he makes Shaquille O'Neal look like Dr. Dre. In this classic from 1994, Deion raps about having a lot of money, and spends the music video showing off the lifestyle that his money has brought him. The song is rather repetitive, as half of it is just Deion saying "must be the money" followed by his backup singers repeating that mantra. Deion also wears a hot pink suit throughout much of the video, which is a look that's probably best left in the 1990s. Overall, at least Deion's not as bad a rapper as Macho Man Randy Savage, so he's got that going for him.

Video 4: Kidd Video Opening Song - Remember the 1980s cartoon Kidd Video? Yeah, me neither. From what I can tell, Kidd Video was about a four person band who gets sucked up into a cartoon world in order to become some fat guy's musical saves. With the help of a fairy in leggings with a powerful sneeze, the band fights off being controlled by the evil fat man and try to make the world a better place, or something like that. Also, some of the show takes place in the physical world, so half of the show is a cartoon and half of it isn't, if that makes sense. Perhaps I should watch an episode or two of this Kidd Video. I just want to know how this video ended up in my recommendations. Also, is it me, or does that kid in the purple shirt look like he's thirty?

I think that's enough video madness for now. Well, thanks for reading, and if you have any ideas for future reviews, or comments about this review, then share them either by leaving a comment or by sending me an e-mail at

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