Saturday, April 3, 2010

Canon Restaurant Review: Quarterback's Wings and Steaks

I meant to do this yesterday, but I was really tired, so I apologize. I know that lately I have been a bit sporadic in my updates for this blog, and I will try to rectify that over the next few days. So keep reading, and hopefully you will like what's coming from The Canon Review in the next few days or weeks or whatever. Anyway, yesterday I was asked by my friend and Canon Review reader Dickson S to help him pick up a desk and a hutch that he paid a dollar for. So I did, and after picking up the desk, we got hungry. So Dickson recommended Quarterback's Wings and Steaks in Toccoa (well technically, it's in Eastonalle, but it might as well be in Toccoa), in the Wal-Mart Shopping Center. So off we went.

Quarterback's, like the name might suggest, is a sports themed bar and grill. There is a dining area in the front, and the bar is behind that. There are two big screen tv's in the dining area, although one was tuned on Great American Country and the other was on the Weather Channel for some reason. I know that there was no football or anything on last night, but come on man, the Hawks were playing the Cavaliers last night, so I would assume that one of the televisions would be tuned into that game.  I guess the people at Quarterback's aren't big basketball fans. The restuarant is decorated with football helmets and jerseys from local high school teams, as well as posters of some of the local sports teams (like the Braves and Georgia Bulldogs) and there's a wallpaper of logos of NFL teams on the top of each wall. The restaurant doesn't look too bad, as it just looks like your typical bar and grill where people gather to eat wings and watch the big game.

But enough about interior decorating, instead, let's move on to the food. Since there wasn't a big crowd, we ordered rather quickly. I ordered a cheeseburger on texas toast with french fries, while Dickson ordered 20 chicken wings, 10 of which came in mild sauce, while the other 10 came in a mixture of lemon pepper and teriyaki sauce, a combination he dubbed "lemonaki". He also ordered the wings to be crispy, and because of that, the waitress explained that the wait might be a little long. So we waited, and I regretted not ordering any chili. Why, you may ask? Well because I love me some chili, and Quarterback's claims to have their own special chili, so I would have liked to try that and see how good it was. Well, maybe next time.

The wait was about 20-25 minutes I would say, although I didn't have a watch on so I really have no idea how long it was. Anyway, our food came, and I was pleased to see that their fries were the big, thick steak fries. They were pretty good, although there wasn't a lot of salt on them, but oh well. My burger was thick and cooked well-done, with no pink in the meat, unlike another place I expected to get a well-done burger from a few weeks ago. The texas toast it was served on tasted pretty good as well, making for what I thought was a good burger. Dickson really seemed to like his "lemonaki" flavored wings, but wasn't so crazy about the mild wings. Nevertheless, he seemed to be satisfied with his meal. The waitress that we had was decent, although it took me 10 minutes to get a refill on my drink. Then again, she did seem to be the only waitress in the place, so I'll give her a slight pass on that.

Overall, I was pleased with Quarterback's. It might not have the best food of all time, but it did taste good and was rather filling. I would definitely consider coming back to Quarterback's again, although next time, I'm ordering the chili. Out of 10, I would give Quarterback's a score of 7.41320485650. Well, thanks for reading, and if you have any ideas for future reviews, than let me know about them. I will not, however, be reviewing this video, as it speaks for itself.

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