Thursday, April 29, 2010

The State of The Canon Review

Well, it may be hard to believe, but it has been about three months since the debut of The Canon Review. What started out as some sort of basketball blog has turned into a blog reviewing anything and nothing in particular. Heck, one day I might review a pencil I find on the street, who knows? (not likely). The Canon Review has turned into a runaway success, if by runaway success you mean over 400 views and over 1 dollar made on Google AdSense. Usually, after three months of plugging along with a blog, I tend to get tired of it, but this time it has been different, as I still want to make original posts and entertain the few people that read this blog regularly or the people that may stumble upon this here corner of the internet.

However, due to a lot of reasons, production has slowed down at The Canon Review over the last couple of weeks. For one thing, I got a job recently, so that has cut down some on the time I can dedicate to this enterprise. Another problem is that I have found that, when you have the ability and freedom to write about anything, no matter how mundane and obscure and ridiculous it may be, it's kind of hard to narrow it down to one topic and sticking with it. There have been many times where I think about reviewing this or that or writing about whatever and then all of a sudden I just decide not to not it and go with something else. I guess you could say that I lack focus at times, but I also feel that the lack of focus on one particular topic keeps things interesting. Or at least I hope so.

But enough about my problems, what I really want to know is, what do you, the reader, think about The Canon Review? What would like to see? What changes should I make? How can I make The Canon Review better? If you want, you can even tell me how I can make it worse. I would also like to know what ideas you have for me to review or blog about. I am always looking for new ideas and things to write about, and in a way I almost prefer it because then it gives me a certain topic to focus all of my energy and attention on. Finally, if for some reason, you would like to contribute a post to The Canon Review, than let me know about it and I will do what I can to allow you to do just that. Remember, it can be about anything, from your top five candy bars to a review on a broom you bought at Family Dollar. So, whether I'm doing a good job or boring you to tears, let me know about it and any other feedback you have about The Canon Review at large, either by a leaving a comment on this post or by e-mailing me at I want to think anybody and everybody that has even glanced at this page over the past three months, and especially the few people that regularly read this blog. Well, I'm tired, so I think I'll go to bed, but before I do, here's a video of Terry Bradshaw singing. Actually, Terry doesn't sound too bad in this clip, so see for yourself.


  1. I say keep doing what you are doing. I like that you review any random topic that may come to mind, and quite frankly, I am entertained by everything you write, no matter the topic.

    As long as you're writing anything on this here blog, Ben The Hen will continue to be a avid reader.

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind words. I'll try to keep it up and keep it good as long as I can.