Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun with YouTube Recommendations

Earlier, I did a post on videos which the site recommended for me to watch. Well, it's late, I've had a long day, and I really don't have any ideas (well, I have some, but frankly they would take more time than I care to dedicate to this blog right now), so I'm going to do a half-assed post once again about some videos the internet told me to watch. Enjoy.

Video #1: WDIV WJBK News Tigers Part 2

Well, I had no idea what this video would be about after seeing the title. It turned out to be a couple of news stories about the celebration and riots after the Detroit Tigers won the 1984 World Series. I don't know what my favorite part of the video is, but it's either the dude in the background of an interview yelling "Throwdown in Motown" over and over again, while the interview subject says something about missing the celebration after the 1968 World Series because "he had to somewhere". Or it's the green pickup truck driving down the road with 20 people either in the cab, in the back, and one or two guys on the hood. That seems like it might be a little dangerous. Anyway, these idiots decided that just because their local team won the World Series, they would decide to riot in the streets and destroy the stadium and flip over police cars and expose their junk. I really don't get that mentality. I mean, I know there's a lot of excitement about your team excelling, but it doesn't make sense to destroy a city block to commemorate the event.  If the Falcons ever won the Super Bowl, I wouldn't go out in the streets and start hanging off of streetlights and setting couches on fire like those idiots from West Virginia do after a big victory by their local university. I mean, what the hell is that all about? Don't believe me, than check this video out at: I don't mean to go on a rant here, but rioting in the streets is about the stupidest thing I can think of to celebrate the accomplishments of a bunch of guys who you don't know and who happen to work in your city. But for whatever reason, sports brings out a bunch of passion in people (myself included, although not to car-burning, property destroying lengths).

Video #2: Anthony Carter Tribute

Another sports video concerning the state of Michigan, this video is a 10 minute long "tribute" to former University of Michigan wide receiver Anthony Carter. Carter played at Michigan from 1979-1982, and was a three-time All-American during his time as a Wolverine. Carter was later inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, and is considered one of, if not the, greatest wide receivers to ever play college football. He also was a very good pro player, spending most of his career as the top receiver on the Minnesota Vikings. This was quite a well-done video, as the uploader seems to have a lot of footage to chose from, and most of it is rather clear, not bad considering most of it is about 30 years old.  Plus, instead of putting music over it, the videos are shown as they were first seen, with the commentary and everything. The video is a testament to Carter's play, as you can clearly see that he was fast, and the most dangerous deep receiver and punt return man during his time. I quite enjoyed this video, even if I'm not much of a Wolverine fan.

Video #3: John Morrison New Titantron 2009

Hey, how did this get in here, anyway? I've never quite figured out why Morrison, whose name and gimmick is loosely based on Jim Morrison, would be given a cheap Hendrix rip-off for a theme song, but oh well. This video mainly features Morrison doing some poses where he tries to look cool, but ends up looking kind of goofy. It also has a lot of slow-motion and regular-motion shots of Morrison in action, including Morrison giving a facebuster to Hornswoggle, because beating up a dwarf makes anyone look like such a bad ass. I'm not the world's biggest Morrison fan, so I'm not going to be a fan of his titantron either.

Video #4: Divinyls- I Touch Myself

Oddly enough, this video was recommended to me because I watched some basketball video a couple of months back, and no, nobody was touching themselves in the video. This is a music video and the song is pretty straightforward, as the song is about a girl who every time she thinks about a guy she touches herself. I must say that the tune is catchy, but this is one song you probably don't want to have anybody catching you singing. At the end, the girl just repeats the words "I touch myself" about 10 times over the background vocals, so I guess we really get the message that this guy makes her touch herself. All I can say is, thank goodness a woman is singing it, as it would be really, really creepy if a guy were singing about touching themselves. I'll say that for a song about masturbation, the video isn't that controversial at all.  For some reason, I'm willing to bet that this song will be in my head all day tomorrow, as it is one catchy, repetitive tune.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any ideas for future posts so I don't talk about riots or songs about self-pleasure, than let me know either by leaving a comment or by e-mail at I leave you with this.

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