Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Canon Review List-A-Mania: Top Nine Candies that are not Candy Bars

Before we get started, I really wish Butler had beaten Duke in tonight's NCAA Tournament Final. At least the Bulldogs showed that they were as good as any other team in college basketball, and if they would have won, it would not be as big as an upset as everyone was making it out to be. After all, Butler had won 25 in a row to get to the title game, and beat some damn good teams in that span. But I digress. At least the Braves won today, and Jason Heyward hit a three-run homer on his first major league swing. May this be only the first of many, many dingers from the "J Hey Kid".

After reading last week's list of the top nine candy bars according to The Canon Review, reader Maggie W. asked me if I would do a similar list for candies that are not candy bars, if that makes any sense. I agreed that it would be an interesting list, although I already know what number one is and I'm pretty sure I'll be the only person that thinks this particular candy should be number one. So get ready for CONTROVERSY~! To the list we go.

9. Now and Later

Now and Later is a taffy-like candy that starts out hard as a brick but eventually softens after a few seconds in your mouth. There are certain Now and Later flavors, like Banana, that are really terrible, but other flavors like grape and lime are really tangy and flavorful. Beware though, as if you chew into one instantly, it will stay in your teeth for the next three hours. It's much easier if you just suck on it until it softens.

8. Sweetarts

These little candies have been a favorite of mine for years, and yet I can't really explain why. All I know is that every Halloween in my youth, I would go through whatever Sweetarts I happened to get as quickly as possible. Actually, I do know, as Sweetarts have just the right amount of tart and sweetness in each fruit-flavored piece.

7. Blow Pops

The only lollipop to make this list, Blow Pops are basically a piece of gum surronded by a hard candy shell which comes on a stick. Simple enough, but it works for me. I am especially fond of the Sour Apple flavored Blow Pop, which was one of my favorite candies to eat as a kid.

6. Airheads

Like Now and Later, Airheads are a taffy-like candy, but unlike Now and Later, Airheads aren't as hard to chew and come in bigger pieces. I don't get this candy a whole lot, for whatever reason, but one thing's for sure, these things are Sweet!!!, and quite possibly the sweetest candy out there. It's almost overpowering, but these things are quite tasty.

5. Starburst

A punch of fruit flavor in each piece, Starburst are little square flavored candies packed with different fruit flavors. While the original Starburst flavors are just fine, I think that the best type of Starburst are the Tropical Fruit Chews and the Starburst Smoothies, although to be fair, I've only had the latter brand twice. Nevertheless, no matter the brand, there is no denying that I like me some Starburst

4. M&Ms

One of two chocolate flavored candies in this list. M&Ms are always good, whether plain or peanut. Although I find their commercials so annoying that I once boycotted M&Ms in protest for months. However, I'm over that and willing to look past their shoddy advertising and enjoy this chocolate confectionery.

3. Skittles

I like Skittles so much that one time I brought a giant plastic bag full of Skittles to school as my lunch. No sandwich or chips or anything else, just Skittles. Was that a little weird? Yes it was, but my point is that these fruit flavored candies are great. In fact, if somebody put a Ziploc bag full of Skittles in front of me, I'd eat that up in no less than two days. Their commercials are just awful, though.

2. Hershey's Kisses (and Hugs)

Hey, I love chocolate, what can I say? These little bits of chocolate are just great, and the Hugs (white chocolate kisses) are just as good, if not better. In fact, I have a Hershey's kiss in my mouth right now. The best way to enjoy it, in my opinion, is to just put it in your mouth and not biting into it. Instead, just let the chocolate melt in your mouth.
1. Spree

A controversial choice, I know, but these suckers are just great, and I could devour a pack of these like nobody's business. They are somewhat like Sweetarts, only tangier and instead of biting into it instantly, you have to let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds before biting into it. Although they now have chewy spree, and those are very very good as well. In fact, it's been too long since I've had some Spree, so I think I'll get some tomorrow.

Well, that is The Canon Review's list of the top nine non candy-bar candies, or something like that. If you have a favorite that I missed or have a comment on the list, than feel free to let me know about it. Also, if anyone has any ideas for future reviews or posts, then let me know either by leaving me a comment or by e-mail at KtheC2001@gmail.com.  Or if you see me, you could just tell me about it in person. Either way.

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